Dongguan One Victor Composite Technology Co. , Ltd. is a company that provides customized carbon fiber products. The company has more than 16 years of OEM and ODM experience, and the factory scale exceeds 5000m².
We can control the whole production process. The company has a complete production process, including molding, autoclave, forming, vacuum, blowing, foam core, manual laying and many other processes, including mold, production, surface treatment (painting, silk screen, laser engraving, etc.) The complete processing system can meet the all-round needs of customers.
We support customized carbon fiber products such as carbon fiber special-shaped parts and carbon fiber molds. We have a qualified quality inspection team and comprehensive after-sales service. We have professional engineers who can help you design and modify drawings to realize your products.






Professional Carbon Fiber OEM Forming

We specialize in custom carbon fiber parts from small to large sizes. Our company is a reputable supplier of high quality carbon fiber composite materials

We design and manufacture pre-impregnated carbon fiber composites for the automotive industry and racing as well as for medical (X-ray equipment), military, interior decoration, rehabilitation and many other uses. Our company also produces and supplies carbon fiber sheets from 1 to 50mm thick.

The manufacturing process uses prepreg technology (prepreg composite, autoclave composite), resin infusion and hand lay-up.

Over 16 years of experience

We have over 16 years of experience in providing complex carbon fiber composite materials and solutions to the most demanding customers and leading companies from multiple industries.



Our facilities include autoclaves (autoclave composite manufacturing), ovens capable of holding 2x2x2 meter items at a maximum curing temperature of 200 °C, high temperature hydraulic presses, a paint shop, and handling and cutting machines. We also offer milling services from 3D drawings.



Our company is located in Guangdong, China, and is currently a large-scale manufacturer of carbon fiber molded parts in China.

Military Industry and National Defense

Carbon fiber military reflective surfaces, individual soldier carrying equipment, exoskeleton robots, ammunition boxes, medical first aid boxes, airdrop boxes, etc.
Aerospace Engineering
Carbon fiber fixed wing, multi-rotor drone, drone frame customization, drone fuselage shell, carbon fiber parts solution for the unit, lightweight battery compartment, photovoltaic pod, aircraft interior.

Medical Equipment

Carbon fiber medical CT bed board, medical storage box, medical detector, carbon fiber wheelchair, carbon fiber radiotherapy fixed base plate, prosthetic limbs, flat panel detector panel, etc.

Automobile Lightweight

It can provide OEM with complete services from carbon fiber product structure design, CAE analysis, material and process design to mass production supply.

Rail Transportation

Carbon fiber aramid honeycomb panels, carbon fiber foam sandwich panels, VIP seat surrounds, carbon fiber interiors, carbon fiber battery boxes, skirts, etc.

Industry Equipment

Industrial and automation industry beams, plates, tubes, frames, equipment shells, structural parts, conventional pressure-resistant parts, etc.

Why OneVictor ?

  1. We have a strong focus on on-time delivery and excellent all around performance.
  2. We have expertise in complex projects including preparation of concept, design, preparation of molds, manufacture and fabrication.
  3. We possess the capacity to manufacture any desired carbon fiber product.
  4. OneVictor uses only the highest-grade carbon fiber raw material in all its products. The same materials as are used in aviation, aerospace and Formula 1.
  5. We supply top quality products (prepreg composites) at attractive prices.
  6. We aim to establish long term relationships built on our quality and reliability.

In 2019, we participated in the Shanghai International Composites Industry Exhibition. “China International Composites Exhibition” is the largest and most influential composites industry exhibition in China and even Asia, and it ranks among the top three in the world. As an exhibitor, Dongguan One victor Composite Technology Co. , Ltd. is the “wind vane of the composite material industry”. Through this platform, we have completed orders worth millions of dollars and cooperated with the top 500 international companies to jointly promote the international carbon fiber composite material market.

Molded carbon fiber parts are used in a variety of automotive, industrial, robotics, and medical applications. Our carbon fiber molding parts are made with 100% carbon fiber, which is placed in the mold and infused with epoxy before the heating/curing process. Cutting and drilling can be also included as needed to provide you with a satisfying part. Just send us your drawing in STEP, STP, IGS file format to get a quotation.


Carbon fiber OEM molding

Carbon Fiber Auto Parts

Carbon Fiber Artware

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